The motto of the school is Responsibility to one's community and country, above and beyond mereself.

    Students of Samar Study Hall see themselves as :-

  • Hardworking, setting high goals and standards.
  • Academically competent and confident.
  • Persistent in their efforts to reach the personal goals.
  • Socially co-operative.
  • Able to accept and meet personal responsibilities.
  • We take pride in these conditions -

  • Never knowingly injure anyone's feelings, person or property in any manner.
  • Never make fun of the old, the poor, the less fortunate and the handicapped.
  • Always respect the religious beliefs of others.
  • Accept victory or defeat gracefully.
  • To be careful of personal cleanliness and to avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.
  • To respectfully greet every teacher or visitor.
  • To be polite and remember words such as 'Please', 'Thank you' and 'Sorry'.
  • To be conscious that true nobility consists of being honest, sincere, decent and humble in speech, behaviour and action.