• The curriculum includes English Language & Literature, Hindi, Sanskrit, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Physical Education, Art & Craft, Music, Computer Science, Moral Science, SUPW and Community Service, Debate and Dramatics.
  • The syllabus is based on new pattern of CBSE, New Delhi.
  • The academic year of the school will be from April to March.

  • The academic year is divided into 2 terms. April to September and October to March respectively. During each term there will be Formative Assessment on every Monday. If Monday is a holiday then the unit test will be on next working day. Promotion is decided on the marks (which will be changed into grades in the Report Card) obtained in both the exams and Unit test. Student has to compulsory appear in all FA's I,II,III & IV SA's (1 & 2)
  • The Basis on which grades will be provided to the students.

    Al 91-100
    A2 81-90
    B1 71-80
    B2 61-70
    C1 51-60
    C2 41-50
    D 33-40
    E (Needs improvement) 32 & below
  • Students obtaining 90% and above in the final result will be awarded a special Badge of 'INTELLECTUAL'.
  • Students absent from an examination without a genuine reason will be considered as having failed. In case of illness, a doctor's (MBBS) certificate has to be provided by the student.
  • Any pupil found using unfair means during an examination will be severely reprimanded.