Experiential learning is used as a powerful tool for human development and these learning practices are implemented in the school. We follow a unique strategy to keep our academic processes as exhilarating as possible. Despite the big scale and myriad challenges involved, quality is the most sought after aspect of our education philosophy.

To meet the uncompromising standards of our academic quality, we focus on the three main aspects of our institutions.

Students – Nurturing the seed into a plant

Involve: Project-Based Learning

Our learning methodology extends beyond the prescribed textbooks. Students are encouraged to study complex topics based on experiential learning.

Correlation: The Concept of Right-Mix

Subjects often trace an inter-disciplinary approach. We combine subjects based on their correlation so that a wider backdrop is provided to students to understand the concepts in their proper contexts.

At Samar Study Hall, students are regularly quenching their thirst by learning hobbies like Art, Craft, Painting, Drama, Music (Instrumental and Vocal). Dance, Rangoli making, etc.

TEACHERS – Mentors, guides, philosophers and friends

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping a student's personality. At Samar Study Hall teaching is not a one way process but a dialogue that involves the active participation of students.

Sharp Skills: The Art of Teaching

We believe teaching is an art and not mere employment. Like any other art form, teaching also needs constant sharpening of skills. We organize a range of programmes and workshops that focus on skill development of teachers. If the learning process has become smart, the teachers need to become smarter.

PARENTS – Expanding the umbrella of education and Parent involvement

Engage: Parental Participation

Teaching is not limited to the school premises alone. The fact is that parents take up the role as teachers outside school. So, a sustained camaraderie between the institution and the parent becomes indispensible. We take active steps to involve parents in the teaching process and take their feedback seriously. We consider this process as the back bone of our high learning standards.

"Educating a girl child is not only educating the individual but at the end educating two households!"

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